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85 Amp Solar Battery

Item# PB-25020

VMAX SLR-85 Solar Battery


Our 12 volt VMAX non-spillable Batteries are a totally sealed and maintenance free design. There are no discharge tubes or filler caps, which eliminates the need to maintain water levels and offers no concern about acid leaks on valuable parts.


Batteries are ship-safe for air or ground service through UPS and FedEx. Slower self discharge rate (longer shelf life) means that these batteries can sit for extended periods of time without constant monitoring. For example, a wet battery (car battery) discharges 15% a month, where our VMAX batteries discharge only 2-3% a month. All of our VMAX Batteries are backed by a 6 month warranty.


                                                           VMAX Non Spillable Battery

                                                             WEIGHT: 55LB

                                                             SIZE: L=10.2" W=6.6" H=8.2"

                                                             310% longer lasting than a standard 12 volt car battery



VOLTS                                                  12V
AMP HOURS                                         85AH
WEIGHT                                               55LB
SIZE :                                                    L=10.2" W=6.6" H=8.2"
MAX. CHARGING CURRENT:                   20A
MAX. CHARGING VOLTAGE:                   14.7V
RECOMMENDED:                                  8A, 14.5V
CHARGER:                                            SMART/MICROPROCESSOR CONTROLLED CHARGER
BCI Group Code:                                  24 

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