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How To Install Proactive® Drop Tube 

To view videos in 1080p High Definition [HD] and for subtitles to appear translated in just about any language, please follow the simple instructions below.

1. Move your mouse near the bottom of the video and a menu will appear 

2. Hover your mouse over the wheel and you will see the word "Settings" appear

3. Click on the wheel and three setting options appear:

      Speed [our videos are set at NORMAL: best viewed in NORMAL]

      Subtitles [our videos are set to OFF. If you wish to have subtitles appear click Subtitles and          select English. Once you have selected English the option for Auto-Translate becomes                    available. Select your desired language

     Quality: Change the video viewing quality setting by clicking the Quality menu option. A bar       appears on the right side of quality setting options. Use the bar to bring you to 1080p HD             and select it. Now you can view all videos in High Definition

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