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Abyss Transformer #4

Free Up Your Time! Free Up Your Mind!

Proactive® Smart AC to 12 Volt DC Transformer with Liquid Detection (LD) Sensor and Tank Float Switch Autonomous Pump Control Technology!


Set it and Forget it!

 Abyss Transformer #4 provides Abyss® pump line series double the purge flow rate,

Constant Voltage Boosting Technology (CVBT) and autonomous pump operation incorporating 

Liquid Detection Sensor (LD), Multiple Settings Timer, and Tank Float Switch Technologies



















The Abyss Transformer #4 is compatible with the

Proactive Environmental Products® pumps listed below:


Abyss® and Abyss® Slimline pumps


If you plan to power the Proactive® brand pumps listed above with other means of energy, please contact us to discuss the full line of Proactive® Autonomous Pump Control System options for: Solar,12 volt battery / 12 volt battery bank, or gas generator.


Applications of the Abyss Transformer #4: When using the Abyss® series pump line include,

but not limited to: 24/7 stationed applications in groundwater, surface water, vaults or the like for: Pump Tests, Long or Short Term Purge, Remediation, Liquid Transfer, Groundwater and Surface Water Monitoring, Hydrocarbon Recovery [LNAPL/DNAPL]







Abyss Transformer #4 provides flexible product features. If you appreciate options (the good news all options are included with the product), you will be pleased to know you can select from any or all of the Abyss Transformer #4 features!

Option #1: LD Sensor Detection and Dry Run Detection Feature

The LD sensor detects (conductive) liquid*. The pump will run as long as the LD sensor is suspended in liquid. When liquid draws down below the LD sensor, the dry run sensor takes over and transmits a signal to the Abyss Transformer #4 to shut-off the pump. As liquid level rises again covering the LD sensor, the LD sensor takes over and transmits a signal to the Abyss Transformer #4 to turn-on the pump. This cycle continues automatically.


Option #2: Tank Float Switch Feature

This feature prevents tank over-fill and provides control over the desired total volume of liquid that enters the tank. The tank float switch detects the full-set point (assigned upon tank float switch deployment) and transmits a signal to the Abyss Transformer #4 to shut-off the pump. The pump remains off until the tank reservoir drops triggering the tank float switch to transmit a signal to the Abyss Transformer #4 to turn-on the pump again. This cycle continues automatically.


Option #3: Multiple Settings Timer

The Abyss Transformer #4 timer provides multiple intervals on/off settings within a 24 hour period delivering total autonomous pump run-time control.  This cycle continues automatically.


Option #4: Incorporate all Autonomous Features

The LD and Dry Run Detection Sensors, Tank Float Sensor Switch and Multiple Settings Timer proving the ultimate experience in autonomous pump control system available!

















Abyss Transformer #4 

The Ultimate Pump Control With Liquid Detection Sensor Technology

Configure The Abyss Transformer #4 The Way You Want It!


Item# TR-12700


  • Doubles the Abyss® pump line series purge rate

  • The most economical and simple solution to autonomous pump control

  • Provides Peace of Mind with autonomous pump control so you don't have to

  • Improves time management! Literally set the Abyss Transformer #4 and autonomous settings with pump and forget it

  • Save money! Eliminate archaic, bulky, and expensive equipment

  • User-friendly install takes roughly 30-45 minutes to setup (not including the cable run for the LD and Dry Run Sensors)

  • User friendly and easy access controls 

  • Ideal for all AC powered sites, including remote sites

  • Look like a PRO when your clients see how much money you save them by deploying Proactive® AC to 12 volt DC Autonomous Pump Control Technology 


  • Designed to double the purge flow rate

  • Compatible with Abyss® and Abyss® Slimline pumps

  • Option to select either 110 or 220 AC volt with easy-access slide switch

  • One time setup

  • Consistent amp output for consistent flow

  • Constant Voltage Boosting Technology (CVBT) allows the correct voltage to reach the pump motors  for consistent flow

  • Same pump settings upon restart every on/off cycle or from power outage

  • Flexibility to choose the autonomous options that will get the job done accurately, faster, and under budget

  • Lightweight and easy to mount

  • Smart temperature sensor auto shut-off at 155⁰ Fahrenheit

  • Smart temperature sensor auto turn-on when cooling period is complete

  • Designed for the outdoors incorporating a weatherproof enclosure

  • Tamper-Proof lock provides peace-of-mind

  • Warranty: Manufacturer 6 months parts and labor warranty

Abyss Transformer #4 comes with:

  • Weatherproof enclosure that provides long life and protection to the components

  • AC/DC 12 volt Transformer

  • Built-in Booster

  • Built-in Multiple Settings Timer

  • Built-in 30 amp breaker

  • Liquid Detection Sensor and Dry Run Sensor probes come with:

           ○ 300 feet of wire per sensor spooled onto a reel

  • Tank Float Switch comes with 3 feet of wire (additional wire can be purchased upon request)

  • Tamper-Proof lock 

  • Mounting Brackets 

  • GFCI Plug


DC VOLT MAX:                                           12-15V

MAX AMP OUTPUT:                                    25 AMPS

DEPTH MEASUREMENT:                              8"

WIDTH MEASUREMENT:                             17"

HEIGHT MEASUREMENT:                             21"

WEIGHT:                                                    19 POUNDS

INTERNAL FUSE:                                         25 AMP

BREAKER:                                                   30 amp

ENCLOSURE RATED:                                    WEATHERPROOF

Note: Product dimensions are inclusive of the Abyss Transformer #4 NOT inclusive of the sensors, reels, or tank float switch. 

* Liquid must contain minerals in order to use the LD sensor 

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