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Item# FV-8000


High Flow Surge Block

1.88"OD for 2"ID Wells 



front side - new - without

Rear View

bottom view - with clear background.png
side with screw - without background.png

Bottom View

Front View

Stainless Steel Screw

FV-8000 High Flow Surge Block

Specifically engineered and designed for 2” ID boreholes and wells

Control your environment with Proactive Environmental Products Push-Pull inertial valves and surge block which are designed to quickly and easily establish well flow and clean out debris. Our fully integrated and completely assembled FV-8000 are constructed from ABS, and incorporates both the high flow Push-Pull foot valve with surge block into one single component. That means no more fumbling with two pieces when you are in the field having to assemble a complete part. Additionally, the FV-8000 has aggressive threading to bite into your 5/8 OD x ½ ID high density and low-density tubing to hold

it in place. Overall, the best working fit

in the industry!


The FV-8000 works either as a manual tool or in conjunction with surface pumping mechanisms. Made to work in all situations where you need to break down sediment and retrieve the fines in the well formation without the need to use a bailer. 

HOW IT WORKS: Connect the FV-8000 assembly to your 5/8 OD x ½ ID High Density or Low-Density tubing and lower into the well or borehole to your desired depth, “Push” and “Pull” the assembly 6” -12” (15- 30cm).  As the water enters the tubing on the “Push” movement it is retained by the internal check ball on the “Pull” movement, and is gradually drawn to the discharge on the surface by the continued “Push” and “Pull” action.

top view - with clear background_edited.

Top View


HIGH FLOW SURGE BLOCK:              1.88" OD


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