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Item# PERRY-37300


12 Volt DC To 120/220 Volt AC Power Inverter

120-220 Volt AC Power Inverter -

This Product is used for the Alexis® Peristaltic Pump, the Alexis²® Peristaltic Pump

with Double Pump Head and the 60 AMP Mobile Battery Pack


DC INPUT:                          12 VOLTS 

AC OUTPUT:                        120V

USB OUTPUT:                      2.1A - FOR CHARGING TABLETS

                                          1A - FOR CHARGING PHONES

TOTAL POWER:                    150W 

LOW VOLTAGE:                    9.5V

OVER VOLTAGE:                   14.5V

MEASUREMENTS:                LENGTH 2.55", WIDTH 3.7", HEIGHT 1.57"

PRODUCT WEIGHT:              234G / 8.3 OZ     

12 volt AC Power Inverter 

Can be used with the following Products:

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