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Item# GP-11000


Crusader® 50 Amp Portable Gas Generator

Engineered For Use with All 

Proactive Environmental Products® 12 Volt Submersible Pump Systems

 Proactive® 12 Volt DC Output Crusader® Gas Generator Was Specifically Engineered to Provide Proactive® 12 Volt Pumps Consistent 50 Amp and 12.5 Volts Output for a Consistent and Uninterrupted Pump Flow Rate, and Long Pump Run Time!


Weatherproof and rugged 12 Volt Crusader® 50 Amp Portable Gas Generator is ideal for

remote sites, heavy purge applications, pump tests, and ongoing remediation where

other sources of power are not available!



  • User-friendly

  • Easy access controls 

  • An economical and simple solution to power Proactive Environmental Products®12 volt pump systems at remote sites

  • Supports 24/7 pump run time applications

  • Easy to use and operate

  • Runs Quiet

  • Provides Proactive® High PerformancePlastic Pumps as well as Proactive® Stainless Steel XL Series Pump consistent amp output

  • Improves time management! Working at a remote site using the Crusader® alleviates the need for multiple portable 12 voltbatteries

  • Save money! Eliminate archaic and expensive equipment

  • Helps to get the job done accurately, faster, and under budget

  • Low maintenance alternator battery chargeabout every 30 days when Crusader® not in use

  • One time investment provides a lifetime of use


  • Provides consistent 50 amps output to the pump system for uninterrupted and steady flow rates for stationed or portable Proactive® 12 volt pump systems

  • Easy access Smart-fill® fuel tank located on the top of the generator

  • Easy access oil fill cap and oil drain plug located on the body exterior

  • In-view and easy to access Fuel Shut-off Valve, Choker Lever, and Operate Engine Throttle

  • No-slip grip handle

  • Engraved and clearly marked for quick identification the positive and negative alternator terminals to reduce cross polarity potential

  • Self-contained Air Cooling System

  • Safety Finger Guard housing over the self-contained Air Cooling System keeps hands safe

  • Comes with a 3.3 amp VMAX battery trickle charger suggested to charge alternator battery every 30 days if the Crusader® is not in use

  • Weatherproof: designed for the outdoors

  • Warranty: Manufacturer 6 months parts and labor warranty

Crusader® 50 amp Portable Gas Generator comes with:

  • 12 volt / 5 amp alternator battery installed

  • Surge fuse protector installed

  • 3.3 amp VMAX battery trickle charger

  • Fuel not included!


DC VOLT MAX:                                           12.5 -14.5V

MAXIMUM AMP OUTPUT:                          50 - 55 AMP HOURS

DEPTH MEASUREMENT:                              16"

WIDTH MEASUREMENT:                              20"

HEIGHT MEASUREMENT:                             20"

WEIGHT:                                                     57 POUNDS

INTERNAL FUSE:                                          80 AMP

ENCLOSURE RATED:                                    WEATHERPROOF

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