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Item# PS-10405


12 Stainless Steel Mini Monsoon® XL 80 Pump

(Lifts 80 Feet / 24 Meters)


For the Time Efficient, Budget Conscious Environmental Professional!

Streamline ~ Simplify

And above all...Enjoy Your Surface and Groundwater Projects!


Welcome to the 12 Volt Stainless Steel Mini Monsoon® XL Pump line!

12 Volt 80 Series

Pump Line Video

Proactives 12 Volt Stainless Steel Mini-Monsoon XL 80 Pump

12 Volt 80 Series

Pump Line Selecting Power & Autonomous Setup Video

The low amp draw, hardworking Stainless Steel Mini Monsoon® XL 80 Pump fits into 2 inch schedule 40 and 80, and larger diameter wells. The Stainless Steel Mini Monsoon® XL 80 Pump is powered by a 12 volt DC power source such as your vehicle. For remote sites consider the Proactive® 60 AMP battery power pack, or a 12 volt DC portable spill-safe AGM battery.


Stainless Steel Mini Monsoon® XL 80 Pump is most popular for its price point, reliability, performance, ease-of-use, and the flexibility to be used in multiple applications!


The Stainless Steel Mini Monsoon® XL 80 Pump is also compatible with several 12 volt DC

autonomous pump control systems to choose from, such as Proactive Environmental Products®:

Pro Controller #1

Pro Transformer #1

Pro Transformer #2

Pro Transformer #3

Pro Solar Charger #1

60 & 80 Series Solar Direct


Applications of the Stainless Steel Mini Monsoon® XL 80 Pump includes, but not limited to:

24/7 stationed applications in groundwater, surface water, vaults or the like for: Pump Tests, Long or Short Term Purge, Remediation, Liquid Transfer, Ongoing Groundwater and Surface Water Monitoring, Hydrocarbon Recovery [LNAPL/DNAPL]

Stainless Steel Mini Monsoon® XL 80 Pump 

The most versatile and simple-to-use surface and groundwater 12 volt DC pump on the market!                                                                                                                             Explore your options!

Find out why tens of thousands of Stainless Steel Mini Monsoon XL® 80 Pumps

are deployed at ongoing monitoring and groundwater remediation sites globally!


  • Designed for the field professional

  • The most economical and simple solution for a wide range of surface and groundwater applications

  • Lightweight

  • Simple to clean and decontaminate

  • Simple and easy to use

  • Most reliable and lowest maintenance pump on the market for pump tests, remediation, monitoring, and liquid transfer

  • User intuitive

  • Improves time management and saves money by eliminating archaic, bulky, and expensive equipment

  • Reliable, rugged, and economical engineering provides a healthy return on investment

  • Eliminates rental fees and rush shipment costs

  • Provides Peace of Mind when coupled with Proactive® autonomous pump control systems for woman/man less operation

  • Proven to cut-out a vast amount of health and safety pages

  • Look like a PRO when your clients see how much money you save them by incorporating Proactive® Stainless Steel Mini Monsoon® XL 80 Pumps into your field projects


  • Designed for 2” schedule 40 and 80 and larger diameter wells

  • Submersible single stage centrifugal style pump

  • No Controller or booster required with this pump

  • Consistent flow rate at 12.5 DC volts output to the pump

  • Hardworking pump with computer engineered bottom debris filter screen allows for operation under harsh conditions with higher turbidity

  • Field ready right from the box

  • Auto-Priming so in the event of a power outage the pump restart is at same purge setting

  • Sleek dome shape construction minimizes well hang-ups

  • Comes with 90 feet of wire [Do not cut wire down from manufacture setting]

  • Can run continuously in water without the need for a cool down

  • Stainless Steel Mini Monsoon® XL 80 motor modules provide 400+ hour life. True life expectancy of the motor module is around 1,000+ hours and varies upon application and conditions in the well

  • Eliminate downtime with the incorporated Proactive Environmental Products®  Patented (#7584785) 1-minute quick change motor module technology

  • Required tubing size: 3/8” id x 1/2” od

  • PFO/PFA free

  • Warranty: Manufacturer 60 days on parts and labor


Stainless Steel Mini Monsoon® XL 80 Pump ships individually boxed and labeled providing pump model and pump serial number. Each pump is delivered field-ready and includes:

  • Pump complete with 90 feet of 10 gauge wire installed

  • Stainless Steel eye hook mounted on top of pump head for suggested, but optional suspension cable

  • One installed field-ready motor module

  • One Proactive® dual purpose wrench

  • Alligator clamps installed on wire

  • 25 amp blade fuse installed on wire 


The Stainless Steel Mini Monsoon® XL 80 Pump consists of 4 components: The 3 Pin Bayonet Motor Module Connector, Replaceable Motor Module, Outside Stainless Steel Housing with Stainless Steel Bottom Inlet Filter Screen (Assembled as One Unit), and the Pump Wire


WATT CONSUMPTION (MAX):               240 WATTS (MAX)

DC VOLT RECOMMENDATION:              12-15 DC (direct current) At Source

AMP CONSUMPTION (MAX):                16 AMPS

MEASUREMENTS:                                 LENGTH 7.5" / DIAMETER: 1.82"

REQUIRED TUBING:                             3/8" ID X 1/2" OD TUBING


PUMP CONSTRUCTION:                        STAINLESS STEEL    


Manufactured from PFOA Free Parts



DO NOT cut the Stainless Steel Mini Monsoon® XL 80 Pump wire down

from manufacturer setting at 90 feet length to avoid motor module damage



Important Notes and Friendly Reminders:


   The Stainless Steel Mini Monsoon® XL 80 Pump cannot be used as a pressure pump under any circumstance. The     Stainless Steel Mini Monsoon® XL 80 Pump is engineered to discharge liquid into a holding tank, not to be used     in a tank under pressure.


   Do not restrict the Stainless Steel Mini Monsoon® XL 80 Pump using valves or any other flow restriction                 mechanical devises! If you need to achieve a lower discharge rate, consider acquiring the Pro Controller #1             featured on the right side of this page.

   Pumping Depth in Feet             Gallons Per Minute    

   DTW (Depth To Water)        At 13.8 Volts At The Source


                 10                                     DON'T USE

                 20                                     DON'T USE

                 30                                     DON'T USE


                 40                                      2.00 GPM

                 50                                      1.75 GPM


                 60                                      1.40 GPM


                 70                                      1.25 GPM


                 80                                      1.00 GPM


                 90                                    END OF WIRE



Test was conducted with a Power Source at 13.8 volts 

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